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  • It is very easy to subscribe to a trading signal; it only takes a few clicks. Further processes related to the trading signals go on automatically requiring no participation from you. One minute is enough for a provider of trading signals to enter its signal in a common database and determine a subscription fee.
  • The signal subscription process is maximally simplified and accelerated. No execution of agreements between the subscriber, signal provider and broker is required. All processes take place within the system, which guarantees the accuracy of the performance of the transactions.
  • Performance (copying) of deals goes on with the minimum of delay. If the signals provider and a trader which has subscribed to such signals use the same server, almost no delays in copying deals are expected. But even if participants are on different servers, there will only be minimum delays in performance of deals due to the fact that the MetaTrader Signal servers are located close to the broker servers.

Special features of Trading signals performance

Functioning of the service of trading signals on the MetaTrader platform has a number of features that subscribers and providers of trading signals should be aware of.

  • One trading account can be managed by signals of only one provider at a time. This is done deliberately in order to protect traders from bearing losses.
  • A trading account can be subscribed to only one signal, whilst MQL5.com account may have several subscriptions for different accounts. A trader may have several accounts and each of them can be managed by signals from different providers. All of these subscriptions may be registered at and paid up from a single MQL5.com-account.
  • Subscribers pay a fixed sum monthly or weekly and receive trading signals for this period. There are neither commissions for each deal, nor increasing spreads, nor additional commissions from gained profits.
  • The MQL5.com payment system is used for buying subscriptions. You can top up your account in any way convenient to you via PayPal, WebMoney, bank cards. When buying a subscription to a signal, the funds are transferred from the Subscriber's account to the Provider's account (our commission is 20%) where they are automatically blocked for the subscription period. At the end of the period the funds are unblocked and deposited to the Provider's account. In case of any valid claims, the funds for the current subscription period will be returned to the Subscriber. All operations are carried out within the MQL5.com payment system.
  • The highest quality of execution will be achieved if a Provider and a Subscriber work on the same server. However, this is not a mandatory pre-requisition to copy deals with minimum delays. Delays between receiving the signal and execution of trading operations, which copy it, are minimized. This has been made possible thanks to Signal Servers having cloud architecture and being located all over the world.

Possible problems

In some cases, when you try to synchronize your deals with deals of the provider you may come across a warning message:

  • For example, you have an open trading position or order on your account. In this case, before synchronization of your account with the account of the signals provider you will be asked to close the open position and delete the existing order or to agree to automatically close them. If they are closed automatically, all positions unrelated to the Provider’s signals provider will be closed at the current market price, and orders will be deleted.
  • If a profit on the Provider's account is positive, you will be offered to wait for better market conditions. This will ensure that you enter the market at a price that is not worse than the Provider’s. You can either wait for better market conditions, or, having accepted the corresponding risks, synchronize immediately.
  • We strongly recommend that you put off synchronization till more favorable conditions arise. By agreeing to an immediate synchronization, you increase your risks, and the result of using signals can be unpredictable. Please note that all information regarding making a decision on synchronization is shown in the logs of the terminal.
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